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UNISTOLE™ R Polyolefinic Primer/Adhesive

UNISTOLE™ R is a modified polyolefin dispersed in a hydrocarbon-based solvent using polyolefin modification and dispersion technology developed by Mitsui Chemicals. The material is used as an adhesive for bonding metals to polyolefins, such as bonding metal foil and PP for retort, PTP and easy peel packaging.

Metal foil when coated with this modified polyolefin can be thermally bonded to PP film or sheet

Coating Process

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There are several chlorine free grades of UNISTOLE R which can be used with basic equipment such as gravure, roll coaters and sprays.

UNISTOLE™ R Characteristics

  • Excellent adhesion to various metals.
  • Exceptional heat resistance and heat resistant adhesion.
  • Superb resistance to retort treatment.
  • Useable with simple equipment such as gravure coaters, roll coaters and sprays.
  • UNISTOLE™ R contains no chlorine.

UNISTOLE™ R Applications

  • Adhesive for bonding metal foil and a polyolefin such as aluminum foil and PP film to make retort packages, PTP packages, easy peal packages, etc.
  • Metal coating agent (bonding of metal by extruding PP onto it, automotive parts, etc.).
  • Modifier when added to paints, adhesives, printing inks, since it improves adhesion to PP.

Typical Applications

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Polyolefinic Primer / Adhesive Processing

UNISTOLE R adheres to various metals and is resistant to heat and retort treatment.
View: Adhesion of PP with Various Metals Chart

With UNISTOLR R, bonding by extrusion-laminating PP onto the surface of aluminum is possible.
View: Bonding by Extrusion-laminating Diagram


Injection molding with UNISTOLR R coated metal sheet is possible.

Bonding Conditions  
Materials: FR nylon mold article
Adhesive: R-300 / toluene = 1/1 (coated by brushing)
Baking: 10 min. at 150°C
Mold temp.: 40°C
Injection-molding resin: TPO
Resin temperature: 240°C
Injection speed: 50%



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