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UNISTOLE™ P Polyolefinic Primer/Adhesive

UNISTOLE™ P is a liquid primer for coating and bonding polypropylene (PP) and various engineering plastics, rubber and other materials, which do not readily bond other materials. It is widely used as adhesion promoting agent for substrates such as PP, TPO, TPE, EPDM, Nylon 6, RIM Urethane, PBT, FRP, ABS, EVA, Polyimide, Modified PPO and their blends.

UNISTOLE™ P Liquid Primer Characteristics

  • An easily handled one-pack primer that dries at normal temperatures so "wet-on-wet" coating is possible.
  • Appropriate for coating and bonding almost all paints and adhesives and all types of PP.
  • Suitable as a primer for coating and bonding engineering plastics such as nylon, polyester resin and FRP, rubbers such as EPDM, metals and other materials that do not readily bond.
  • Possesses excellent secondary adhesion and excellent gasoline resistance.
  • A UNISTOLE P coated film is flexible even at low temperatures, and articles coated with it exhibit excellent flex resistance and impact resistance.

UNISTOLE™ P Liquid Primer Applications

In the automotive industry, the PP coating material is used to prime, seal, and bond because it works with all types of PP. In addition, this non-chlorine based polyolefin varnish is compatible with virtually all types of paints and can be colorized.

The use of this versatile one-pack primer can improve coating application efficiency because it dries at normal temperatures so "wet-on-wet" coating is possible and remains flexible even at cold temperatures. In addition, this auto OEM coating material's exceptional secondary adhesion and excellent gasoline resistance means the automotive primer bonds and insulates interior and exterior automotive applications equally well.

UNISTOLE is an ideal PP bonding and coating material for applying decorative, protective or functional coatings on automotive parts because of its outstanding adhesion to numerous synthetic materials.

  • bumper system fascias
  • bumpers
  • front grills
  • mud guards
  • foamed in place polyurethane to molded PP component such as instrument panel

The advantages of using Mitsui Chemicals' line of polyolefinic primers and adhesives include:

  • Excellent secondary adhesion
  • Exceptional heat resistance and heat resistant adhesion
  • Superb electrical insulating properties
  • Enables impact resistance
  • Outstanding gasoline resistance
  • Flexible at low temperatures
  • foamed in place polyurethane to molded PP component such as instrument panel
  • Fast Curing

Automotive Primer Applications

Automotive Coatings and Catalysts - Interior Applications

  • Uniquely ideal for bonding PP (bonding of PP speaker cones, bonding of PP bobbins and insulating varnish; etc.)
  • Bonding of foamed in place polyurethane to a molded PP component (bonding of automotive instrument panel).

Automotive Coatings and Catalysts - Exterior Applications

  • Effective Primer for coating automotive exterior parts made of PP (bumpers, front grills, mud guards, motor cycle parts, etc.)
  • Applicable primer for automotive parts made of various engineering plastics and EPDM.


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