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TPX™ Polymethylpentene (PMP) Precautions

1. General Precautions

  • The data contained on this website are representative examples of actual measurement values recorded on the basis of our testing methods. The information contained herein are based on the information, data, etc. that are available at the moment. However, we do not provide any warranty as to the accuracy or suitability thereof for any particular applications.
  • For detailed technical information, please contact us.
  • For detailed safety information, please refer to the Materials Safety Data Sheet for TPX™.
  • Please take care of industrial property rights with respect to the applications described in this website. Before using TPX™, please evaluate the practical applicability of TPX™ and check to be certain that there will be no problem in using it.
  • Please avoid fire, direct sunshine, water wetting and any abrupt change in temperature in the place of storage of TPX™.
  • Please avoid the outdoor use of TPX™ for a long period of time. Use of TPX™ for a long period may cause a change in color or a deterioration in quality.

    These precautions are given on the assumption that TPX™ will be used in a normal way. If TPX™ is used in any special way, please take additional safety measures appropriate for such particular application or use.


2. Use of TPX™ for Medical-related applications and Food contact applications

Please contact us when you intend to use TPX™ for such applications


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