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TPX™ Polymethylpentene (PMP)

TPX™, a 4-methylpentene-1 based polyolefin manufactured and marketed solely by Mitsui Chemicals, Inc, is available in pellet form. This lightweight, functional polymer displays a unique combination of physical properties and characteristics due to its distinctive molecular structure, which includes a bulky side chain, as shown below.


TPX™ Polymethylpentene (PMP) characteristics are similar to those of traditional polyolefins and include excellent electrical insulating properties and strong hydrolysis resistance. In addition, TPX™ features low dielectric, superb clarity, transparency, gas permeability, heat and chemical resistance and release qualities.

This Polymethylpentene can be used for extruded and film products, injection molded, and blow molded application items. TPX™ applications include:


  • Release Film
  • Release Paper for synthetic leather
  • LED Molds
  • Mandrels and sheaths for rubber hose production
  • Cosmetic caps and tubes
  • Heat resistant non-woven
  • Chemical Tubes
  • Animal Cages

For more information on TPX™ Film Opulent™ please click here.

*Mitsui chemicals America does not offer any processed products such as slab, rod and plate.


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