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TAKELAC™ Polyurethane Dispersion

There are three series of TAKELAC™, high performance water borne polyurethane dispersion, used in coating applications.  These include the WS Series, a self-cross linking polyurethane dispersion and the WPB series a gas barrier polyurethane dispersion.  These PUDS are used in a variety of coating applications ranging from surface reinforcement, binders for water borne links, adhesive for film lamination to anti-corrosion coatings for metals.


The WS series of TAKELAC is a polyurethane dispersion (PUD) with self-cross-linking technology that enhances coating properties, such as hardness, water and solvent resistance.   The cross-linking finishing is achieved by the evaporation of water.



This series is used as a binder for water borne inks, adhesive for film lamination (PET, PC, PA, OPP), and surface reinforcement for coatings on leather, metal and plastics. It’s ideally suited for these applications because of its hardness, stain and heat resistance, high flexibility, adhesion to various films (PA, PET, OPP) and has good surface hydrolysis resistance.



The WPB Series of TAKELAC is used in packaging and industrial films in addition to anti-corrosion coatings for metals.

Oxygen barrier property / Humidity dependence





The series is a non-chorline based polymer with high flexibility and good adhesion to various films. The humidity dependence of the O2 barrier property is excellent in comparison with PVA and EVOH.




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