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TAKELAC™/TAKENATE™ Polyurethane Adhesives

Mitsui Chemicals offers a line of high performance polyurethane adhesives for flexible packaging and solar applications.

Food Packaging

All Mitsui Chemicals’ polyurethane adhesives for flexible packaging are organo-tin compound free and bis-phenol A free.  The adhesives are approved by FDA: FDA 21 CFR 175.105, FDA 21 CFR 177.1395 (for retort adhesive), and FDA 21 CFR 177.1390 (for retort adhesive).

TAKELAC is available as solvent based or solvent free.  The solvent based adhesives feature three types which include the general performance type used in dry foods applications such as snack and coffee powder, the medium performance type used in applications such as juices and shampoos and the high performance type for boil and retort applications. 

Mitsui Chemicals is the only company in the world that produces XDI (Xylene-diisocyanate).  The XDI derivatives are categorized as aliphatic type because the material does not generate primary aromatic amines (PAA).  Other benefits of XDI derivatives are organo-tin free, fast reaction time without the need for catalyst and good adhesion to metal.


The TAKELAC grades are suitable for high retort packaging, handling temperatures ~135° C.  They exhibit good adhesion performance for A1 structure (PET/AL/NY/CPP, PET/AL/CPP, PET/NY/AL/CPP, etc.) and for transparent film barrier (vmPET*/NY/CPP, etc.) (*VMPET: AIOx or SiOx coated transparent barrier film) The adhesives are suitable for holding content like - curry, meat, sauce, tuna, pickles, etc. and other similar food types.

Comparison of aliphatic grade of TAKELAC™/TAKENATE™













Solar Applications

TAKELAC/TAKENATE, a 2 component type of adhesive, contributes to the reliability of the photovoltaic module due to properties that offer superior protection against the environment, such as:

  • UV resistance
  • Moisture barrier
  • Superb adhesion and strength
  • Excellent long term durability
  • Resistance to weathering

Mitsui Chemicals offers two product types: TAKELAC A-515/TAKENATE A-56, a standard grade and TAKELAC A-1102/TAKENATE A-22, a high performance adhesive offering exceptional stability under damp heat and freeze-thaw conditions.






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