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Mitsui Chemicals supplies a variety of polyurethane materials from specialty Isocyanates XDI, H6XDI and their derivatives to polyurethane adhesives and dispersions. These products are used for coatings and adhesives where fast curing, flexibility, heat and chemical resistance are needed. There are solvent based, non-solvent and water based grades of TAKELAC™/TAKENATE™ used for different types of applications including:


AndurElite™ (Fortimo™-1,4-H6XDI)

For aplications that require extra dynamic performance and abrasion resistance, the AndurElite™ prepolymer series is empowered by the next generation of ultra high-performance aliphatic diisocyanate (Fortimo™-1,4-H6XDI).  It has a very linear and symmetrical structure with respect to the isocyanate groups, resulting in a highly crystalline hard-segment structure which provides ultra-high performance elastomer properties.  Its "aliphatic" nature allows a light and color stable elastomer, which is exceptionally well suited for outdoor application or for applications in extreme environments. Please click here for more information. 


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ADMER™ Adhesive Resin

Polyolefin based tie-layer resin that bonds dissimilar polymers for multilayer barrier structures.

CHEMIPEARL™ Polyolefin-based Aqueous Dispersion

Aqueous dispersion of polyolefin fine particles with no emulsifying agents or organic solvents, used as printing ink additives, heat sealing for food packaging, adhesives and binders, and anti-blocking agents.

FTR™ High Performance Aromatic Hydrocarbon Resin

A colorless and transparent hydrocarbon resin used in hot melt adhesives, pressure sensitive adhesive and toner materials for copy machines.

UNISTOLE™ Polyolefinic Primers/Adhesives

Polyolefinic primers and adhesives for coating and bonding polypropylene (PP) and various engineering plastics, rubber and other materials, and as adhesives to bond metals to polyolefins in automotive, packaging and paint applications.

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