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TAFMER Polyolefin Elastomers

The TAFMER™ family of polyolefin elastomers is comprised of versatile copolymers that offer chemists and engineers more freedom to tailor polyethylene, polypropylene, EPDM, and polyamide compounds with unique properties. Owing to its low density, TAFMER™ is preferred by compounders who need to formulate the lowest cost solution for their customers. TAFMER™ is widely used in automotive thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) compounds, wire & cable materials and packaging applications.

automotive thermoplastic polyolefin compounds  wire & cable materials  tafmer packaging applications

The polymer backbone of TAFMER™ is polyolefin based. Many grades are FDA compliant, and are supplied in talc-free form for immediate use in packaging film intended for food or aqueous containment. TAFMER™ is considered a most versatile polyolefin elastomer by formulators who are able to select the precise physical property balance they need, from a full menu of copolymers.


Types of Tafmer


Olefinic Copolymers

The TAFMER™ product family includes:

TAFMER™ A, DF Ethylene- Butene copolymers TAFMER™ A offers "fish eye" and heat seal initiation temperature (HSIT) control in transparent films.   TAFMER™ DF offers excellent value in use. 
TAFMER™ BL Butene-Ethylene and Butene-Propylene copolymers TAFMER™ BL offers peal strength control in packaging applications. TAFMER BL2400 Series offers low HSIT in PP films. 
TAFMER™ H Ethylene-Octene copolymer TAFMER™ H offers higer tensile strength over TAFMER™ DF
TAFMER™ M Acid Modified TAFMER™ TAFMER™ M offers utility as a low cost impact modifier for polyamides. 
TAFMER™ P Ethylene-Propylene copolymer TAFMER™ P offers improved clarity in polyethylene films vs. TAFMER™A or DF. 
TAFMER™ PN Propylene based Elastomer with nano-crystal structure TAFMER™ PN offers improved clarity and impact resistance in polypropylene applications. 
TAFMER™ XM Propylene-Butene copolymer TAFMER™ XM offers an outstanding balance of HSIT and coefficient of friction (COF) for polypropylene sealant applications. 


New Innovative TAFMER™

An exciting innovation, TAFMER™ M is an acid modified elastomer. TAFMER™ M may be used to modify engineering plastics.  As a function of pressure, heat and time, acid modified TAFMER™ M reacts with polymers that contain a RCONR2 amide functional group, a ROH hydroxyl functional group, or a RCOOR' ester functional group, to improve room temperature and low temperature impact resistance when blending, or bonding to plastics containing these functional groups.

TAFMER™ PN offers a unique balance of softness and the heat resistance. TAFMER™ PN is a propylene based elastomer with controlled nano crystalline elements that add remarkable high heat resistance to this very soft material. The crystalline elements are finely dispersed in an amorphous matrix, which ensures excellent transparency. TAFMER™ PN offers Shore A 70-84 and a melting point of 140 to 160°C.

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