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SunSensors™ - An in-mass photochromic technology and brand

SunSensors™ is a patented and branded in-mass technology to produce photochromic lenses. This technology is compatible with premium coating treatments, and is capable of being produced in contemporary lens designs.

There are few branded photochromic technologies in the market today, however SunSensors™ has both a proud history as well as brand recognition. Most recently, Mitsui Chemicals Inc. has reinvigorated the SunSensors™ brand with the MR™ Series and Ultra Dye Dispersing Technology.

Features of New SunSensors™

  • Enables special lens design: high curve, multifocal, and/or rimless design
  • Accepts premium anti-reflective and hard-coating treatments and dual side processing
  • Delivers rapid photochromic fading speed
  • Provides durability of photochromic performance and high clarity
  • Available in High-refractive index 1.60 and 1.67 as well as Low-refractive index 1.50 

Transmittance Curve of SunSensors

Fading Speed of SunSensors

*All tests are conducted under specific test methods at Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. and are not guaranteed as per specifications.


Sunsensors by Mitsui





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