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Pellicle Dust Proof Membrane

Mitsui Pellicle is a dust proof membrane applied to photomask in the lithography process of the semiconductor manufacturing process. Pellicle's membrane materials and membrane thickness are designed to optimize different light exposures and achieve excellent transmission rates.

To ensure photomask, Mitsui Chemicals selects materials such as non-dust structures, that eliminate particle generation and ensure cleanliness during long periods of light exposure.


Pellicle Dust Proof Membrane

With its high level of cleanliness, this semiconductor membrane technology contributes to maximum production yields in the semiconductor manufacturing process. 

Pellicle Membrane Characteristics

This dust proof membrane's characteristics include:

  • High & uniform transmission
  • Non-dust structure
  • Excellent membrane longevity

If you need additional information on Pellicle Photomask Dust Proof Membrane or would like to discuss your particular product needs in greater detail, please contact the product manager


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