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TAFNEL™ Needle Punch Fabric

imageTAFNEL™ is a needle punch fabric produced with thick fibers, providing a bulky structure. The chemical resistant nature of TAFNEL™ fabric, and its unique characteristic of absorbing only the oil from a mixture of oil and water, make TAFNEL™ a perfect choice for oil spill clean-up as well as cleaning oil and grease from machinery. Other applications that benefit from TAFNEL™ include geotextile, automotive interior, and agricultural covering.

Typical TAFNEL™ applications include:

  • Automotive interior
  • Oil absorption
  • Geotextile and agricultural covering
SYNTEX™ Spunbond Fabric

imageDepending upon the fiber diameter and fabric gsm, SYNTEX™ offers high liquid and air permeability in filter applications. This permeability characteristic makes SYNTEX™ an outstanding choice for filter membrane support material to enhance the durability of the filtration system. SYNTEX™ is a chemical resistant and lint free nonwoven fabric, suitable for skin contact applications including both the inner and outer layer of surgical masks.

Typical SYNTEX™ applications include:

  • Surgical masks
  • Coarse particle filter media
SYNTEX™ MB Meltblown Fabric

imageThe SYNTEX™ MB product line of meltblown polypropylene fabric offers the fine fiber characteristics and porosity that are capable of collecting small particles in both liquid and air filtration applications. SYNTEX™ MB meltblown fabric is chemical resistant, making it the right choice for many industrial environments.

Typical SYNTEX™ MB applications include:

  • Air or liquid filtration
  • Medical applications
SYNTEX™ Nano Meltblown Fabric

imageSYNTEX™ Nano is considered a sub-micron nonwoven fabric. Uniquely produced with Mitsui Chemicals’ proprietary technology, this high performance nonwoven fabric is suitable for the most demanding filtration applications that require removal of very fine particles in liquid. Depending on the grade, SYNTEX™ Nano filtration efficiency can reach over 90% when tested with micron size particles.

Typical SYNTEX™ Nano applications include:

  • Liquid filtration
  • Medical applications