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MILEX™ Phenolic Resin Properties

The following charts provide insight into the general, practical and molding properties of the MILEX™ Phenolic Resin family of modified phenolics.

General Properties

Tables of grade formulation of MILEX showing the general properties of the phenolic material.

Practical Properties

A table presenting the practical properties for all MILEX Phenolic Resin grade formulations.

Heat Resistance

For a graphical depiction of the heat resistant properties of MILEX at 350°C in addition to information on the composition of the moldings, press condition and post curing condition.

For a graphical depiction of MILEX over 350°C in addition to the information on the curing and testing conditions.

Phenolic Resin Molding Properties

For information on the molding frequency and amplitude angle of all formulations of MILEX resin.

Storage Modulus of Resin

For information on the storage molding and test conditions of phenolic resin, please view the chart below.