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MILEX™ Phenolic Resin Applications

Automotive Applications - Friction Materials for Brake Pad or Disc

The MILEX™ Phenolic Resin Family of products is widely featured in brake systems of automobiles made by the top automakers through Mitsui Chemicals' affiliation with leading brake manufacturers.

The properties of MILEX resins yield superior brake pads that reduce noise, vibration and harshness (NVH). All phenolic resin formulations are developed in accordance with Mitsui Chemicals' unique product methodology that enables effective and efficient achievement of proper caliper and composite formulation. The advantage of incorporating the MILEX material into a brake design is that the phenolic resin aids in the provision of a non-abrasive vibratory sensation free surface finish, which is very important in the performance of the brake system. Additionally, its superior performance at elevated temperatures and excellent moldability:

  • aids in brake noise reduction
  • yields good friction
  • significantly lowers vibratory lurch
  • reduces system wear and tear

The benefits of this friction material to OEMs is shorter molding time and costs due to faster curing, significant NVH reduction and crack-free brake pads and discs. The phenolic resin is also compatible with all brake pads especially NAO.