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MILEX™ Phenolic Resin

Over the last two decades MILEX™ Phenolic Resin has grown into a complete product line of this high performing, flexible technology. Currently Mitsui Chemicals offers three different formulations of Phenolic Resin, which are being supplied to the North and South American markets by Mitsui Chemicals America, Inc.

All formulations are developed in accordance with the company's unique product methodology that enables effective and efficient achievement of proper caliper and composite formulation. Each different phenolic resin system was developed and specified to achieve critical performance indices and is available at different viscosities.

The following table illustrates the depth of the MILEX family of modified phenolics.

Series Resin Type



Acrylic Rubber Modified Resins

Silicone Rubber Modified Resin

XL Phenol Aralkyl Resins
RX Less Silicone Rubber than that of RS

The key to the high value of Mitsui Chemicals' phenolic resin lies in the technical expertise of Mitsui Chemicals, which is evident in the resin's cure, the adhesive manufacture and composite cure bonding process employed by the company. The company's expertise comes from its established customer relationships and from years of experience with their respective applications and operating conditions.

New MILEX™ for the Premium After Market

Three new grades were recently developed to meet new demands of the Premium After Market. These new grades can contribute to the enhancement of brake performance in NVH, at a reasonable cost.

MILEX™ Phenolic Resin Automotive Applications

For the automotive industry, this has resulted in the development of phenolic resin that provides predictable, stable and durable performance over the lifespan of a brake pad or disc application.