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Milastomer™ Thermoplastic Vulcanizate (TPV) Characteristics


Milastomer™ is the lightest general purpose elastomer material with a density of at most 900 kg/m3. By using Milastomer™ instead of ordinary vulcanized rubber, product weight can be reduced by about 30%.

Comparsion of Density


Heat Resistance

Milastomer™ is ideal for use in high temperature applications with a heat resistance superior to other elastomers.


Comparsion of Softening Temperature


Rubber Elasticity

Milastomer™ has outstanding rubber elasticity at high temperatures, with deformation recovery superior to vulcanized rubber in long-term compressing set testing.


Chemical Resistance

Excellent resistance to water, acids, alkalis, alcohols, acetone and vegetable oils. However, care must be taken because it is susceptible to attack by aromatic organic solvents, gasoline, and mineral oil etc.

Weatherability/Ozone Resistance

The B (Black) Grade of Milastomer™ has outstanding weatherabilty and is suitable for outdoor use. Both the B and N (Natural) grades have superior ozone resistance.


Similar to polyethylene and polypropylene, Milastomer™ has outstanding electrical insulation performance.



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