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LUBMER™ High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Applications

Several unique characteristics make LUBMER™ High Molecular Weight Polyethylene an excellent material for applications subjected to abrasive or corrosive conditions.

Electronic/Electrical/Office Automation Equipment Parts

LUBMER, a wear resistant resin, is ideal for use in electronic and electrical applications and components subjected to high wear and stress that require high friction and abrasion resistance.


LUBMER™ Applications Facsimile rollers, Facsimile paper holders, Rollers for PPC toner transfer, PPC toner scraper holders, PPC paper sorting claws, Printing paper holding parts, Word processor key plungers, Noiseless gears for electric appliances, Worm gears for video camera
Required Properties Abrasion resistance to paper, Non-adhesion of printing ink, Sliding properties, Noiseless properties
Competitive Materials POM, HIPS, Fluoropolymers, Rubber containing POM, Metal

Automotive Applications

The self lubricating resin's good sliding properties, high wear resistance and mechanical endurance offers advantages over traditional materials when used in select automotive applications.

automotive applications - Assist straps
 Assist straps
automotive applications – seat belt parts
 Seat belt parts
automotive applications – glass run channel
 Glass-run channel
LUBMER™ Applications Assist straps, Seat belt parts, Shock spacers for trucks, Glass run channel
Required Properties Abrasion resistance, Sliding properties, Noiseless properties
Competitive Materials POM, Urethane

General equipment/Building Materials/Other

LUBMER High Molecular Weight Polyethylene can be used in a variety of general equipment and building materials such as rails for furniture or aqueduct valve parts. The material's characteristics which include high wear resistance, excellent sliding properties and chemical resistance and abrasion resistance make it a suitable alternative to PE, PP, PC or Fluoropolymers.


LUBMER™ Applications Bearings for film developing processors, Motor bearings for vending machines, Chain/belt for food industry, Curtain rail rings, Rails for furniture, Rollers for automatic massagers, Aqueduct valve parts
Required Properties Abrasion resistance, Sliding properties, Hygienic quality, Chemical resistance, Noiseless properties
Competitive Materials POM, Fluoropolymers, PE, Greases, PC



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