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LUBMER™ High Molecular Weight Polyethylene

LUBMER™ is an injection and extrusion moldable High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (HMWPE), developed by Mitsui Chemicals' original polymerization technology. In addition to being self lubricating, LUBMER™ has high mechanical strength, low water absorption and high abrasion resistance compared to other specialty engineering resins (Ex. POM: Acetal resin, PA66: nylon).

This wear resistant material is used in a broad range of applications including automotive, electronics and building materials and parts.

Low Friction Resin

When compared to other low wear plastics like POM (acetal resin) or PA (nylons), LUBMER features an extremely low friction resulting in a longer life span of the parts, efficient sliding process, lubricant free, and noiseless environment.

Moldable Resin

LUBMER™ is a possible material for various molding including injection molding, compatibility with self-lubrication and abrasion resistance.

High Wear Resistance Resin

Not only does LUBMER offer superb wear resistance, the engineered polymer yields excellent parts with ultra low water absorption and reduced weight due to the low specific gravity. Those properties are suitable for the food industry, especially where formaldehyde-free is required.





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