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ICROS™ Tape Manufacturing

The cleanest tape in the industry gets a new factory.



The new facility translates into immediate and tangible benefits including:

  • Advanced production
  • Improved tape TTV
  • Longer shelf life
  • Cleanest tape in the industry
  • Exclusive for ICROS TAPE™ means no cross contamination
  • Fast lead times

Advanced Production

Through the production process, Mitsui Chemicals adheres to a strict QC System eliminating foreign matter and defects producing high performance solutions. All components are produced at the facility.



Customer Solution Development

ICROS tape offers high performance solutions for your process.  Our experienced professionals will conduct a needs analysis to determine the tape that best fits your application.



ICROS™ Tape offers high performance solutions for your process. Contact us and we will recommend the best, suitable tape for your process.



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