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ICROS™ TAPE is a surface protective tape used in silicon wafer back-grinding process for the manufacturer of integrated circuits.

ICROS™ Tape Outstanding Features

  • Super softness
  • No contamination
  • Uniform thickness


  • Two US patents (4853286 & 4928438)
  • Japan Patent (1563284)
  • Korea Patent (34757)



  • Mitsui Chemicals offers solutions for every backgrinding application:

Conventional Tapes

Bumped Wafer Tapes
      Gold bump (20-30um bump height)
      Pillar Bump (40-100um bump height)
      Solder Bump (100-150um bump height)
      Solder bump (150um+ bump height)

Thin Grinding Tapes

Chemical Resistant / Heat Resistant Tape

No Rinse Process- For Thin Wafer Grinding

ICROS Tape can be processed using a "no rinse" process, which is shorter than conventional processing methods resulting in lower production costs and minimum wafer breakage


 NO RINSE PROCESS customers : OVER 40 in the world
[ For thin wafer grinding : No Rinse process ]


The consistency in its wafer thickness after back grinding and minimal wafer breakage are only two of the attributes that contribute to its reputation and reliability.


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