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Spash™ Packaging Film that Seals in Freshness


This line of functional film is used to keep perishable foods (vegetables, fruits, flowers) fresh longer through special inorganic substances contained in the film that work together to prevent wilting and discoloring.



The film can be used in a wide range of applications because there is no need to design separate films for contents, temperature, etc., dramatically reducing delivery time.


There are numerous advantages to using the film in packaging applications for fresh products, such as:

  • Prevents wilting
  • Deters discoloration
  • Keeps produce and flowers fresher longer than anti-fogging BOPP Film
  • Reduces condensation since there is no need to completely seal


Comparison Test Result

Spinach from Nishine, Iwate pref. (On 5th day after shipment)



Preservation of Nutrient Component

Chlorophyll Content of Spinach (after 24 hrs in refrigerator)



Vegetables and fruit

  • Leafy and perishable vegetables: spinach, leek, green soybeans, asparagus, okra, eggplant
  • Herbs and salad greens: baby leaf lettuces, arugula, wasabi, etc.
  • Processed vegetables for professional use: shredded cabbage, chopped lettuce, sliced onion


  • Roses, lilies, carnations

Processed Marine Products

  • A variety of fish products for sushi and more
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