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L-LDPE Film T.U.X™

This series features a line of high-strength cast film whose raw material is L-LDPE (Liner Low Density Polyethylene). There are numerous types and grades available suitable for a range of packaging applications.




T.U.X™ - FCS and T.U.X™ - TCS

Both high strength cast films are produced by T-die method using an L-LDPE resin manufactured using a metallocene catalyst. The films’ features and characteristics, which include the below, make it extremely effective as a sealant film for composite films:

  • Outstanding gloss
  • Excellent transparency
  • Excellent hermetic and tight sealability
  • Good hot tack and sealing properties
  • Excellent impact and puncture resistance
  • Good balance between transparency and blocking resistance
  • Excellent processability because of T-die process

T.U.X™ - HC

T.U.X™-HC is used for higher temperature boil application due to its good heat resistance.


The film is used in packaging for frozen food, processed marine products, pickles and prepared foods, liquid food (soups and seasonings), refill containers (standing pouches), heavyweight products such as rice

Rice Bag

Rice Bag Sample Item Rice Bag
Construction of Composite O-Ny#15(PR)/DL/T.U.X-FCS#60,70,80
  • Resistance to puncture
  • Resistance to bag breaking

Besides the above construction, following kinds of film structure are widely used for rice bag (for example):

  • PRC#40(PR)//TCS#40

Standing Pouch for Detergent

Rice Bag Sample Item Standing Pouch for Detergent
Construction of Composite O-Ny#25(PR)/DL/T.U.X-TCS#130
  • Hermatic sealability and resistance to leaking liquid
  • Good Transparency

Besides the above construction, the following kinds of film structures are widely used for standing pouch applications (for example):

  • O-Ny#15(PR)/DL/T.U.X-FCS#130, 150
  • O-Ny#15(PR)/DL/T.U.X-HC#130

Small Pouch for Liquid Seasoning

Rice Bag Sample Item Small Pouch for Liquid Seasoning
Construction of Composite

K-Ny(PR)/DL/T.U.X-TCS#50 sauce for fried noodle
O-Ny#15(PR)/DL/TCS#50 seasoning for noodle
O-Ny#15(PR)/DL/T.U.X-FCS#60 seasoning for noodle

  • Lower temperature heat-sealability
  • Hermatic heat-sealability
  • Machinability for filling
Remarks The selection of T.U.X-FCS or TCS depends on filling machine speed and size of pouch
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