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CPP, Cast Polypropylene

This is a cast film whose raw material is polypropylene and can be used as a single film or as a lamination sealant material. RXC-22 is a high impact strength and transparent film with the following characteristics:

  • Moderate elasticity
  • Good heat sealability - Improved low temperature sealing
  • Excellent machine suitability
  • Superior moisture-proof properties
  • Exceptional wear resistance (abrasion resistance)
  • Improved shock resistance

Comparison RXC-22 60µ with Company A 70µ




The advantage for customers using RXC-22 Film is cost reduction by down gauging and retortable packaging that is highly transparent.

Cost Reduction by Down Gauging



Transparency Comparison

RXC-22 has an excellent transparency compared to Company A

  RXC-22 Company A
  #70 #60 #70
31 30 42


CPP, Cast Polypropylene Properties

Data described in this catalog are representative figures obtained by measurement under specific conditions but not specifications values.


We offer a selection of homo and copolymer products to special grades with superior resistance to cold plus low temperature heat sealability that makes them ideal for a wide variety of uses. The film is enhanced for impact resistance and heat-sealing strength (135°C or lower) making it suitable for high retort pouch applications and as a lamination sealant material.


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