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Exfola™ Surface Modifier Applications

As a tri-block copolymer, Exfola™ demonstrates excellent compatibility with a polyolefin substrate due to its polyolefin block, while altering surface properties due to its Silicone block. These attributes create value in release film and flexible packaging applications, as well as industrial wear-resistant articles.

Polypropylene Release Film

Exfola™ was added to polypropylene (PP) film, and peel strength was measured against an acrylic adhesive layer. The addition of 15% Exfola™ on polypropylene film yielded peel strength below that of silicone coated PET film.

Releasability of Exfola™ in PP Film

The demonstrated improvement in releasability finds application in adhesive protective film that requires easy-release on its back side. The potential to replace silicone coating processes with Exfola™ offers economic and sustainability benefits in release film applications.

Due to its polyethylene (PE) block, Exfola™ demonstrates excellent compatibility with polyolefins. As a result, Exfola™ additivated articles or films offer minimal silicone transfer or bleed out, compared to silicone coating. This makes Exfola™ an outstanding choice for applications requiring high surface purity.


Polypropylene Release Film

Oil Repellency

Cooking oil colored with black ink was poured into heat-sealed flexible packages. The packages were constructed with 2-layer polypropylene (PP) film. The inner layer was 5 microns thick, and the outer layer was 45 microns thick. The packages were vigorously shaken for two minutes, and movement of the liquid was observed.

Cooking Oil in Flexible PP Packaging

Two versions of the 2-layer package were produced. One version was constructed with 10% Exfola™ in the 5-micron polypropylene (PP) inner layer. The second version was constructed with no Exfola™ in the inner layer. Cooking oil was observed clinging to the inner surface of the 2-layer PP film packages made without Exfola™. Dramatic improvement was seen in the package made with Exfola™.

The results indicate Exfola™ can demonstrate value in flexible packaging applications, as well as in rigid containers for cosmetics.

Wear Resistance

The addition of Exfola™ to polypropylene or polyethylene can significantly improve the wear resistance of injection molded parts, or extruded articles. Exfola™ was added to polypropylene (PP) injection molded disks at 3% and 10% loading. Wear resistance was measured by the rotation of a metal cylinder placed on the injection molded disks.

PP and PE Disks Show Wear Resistance with Exfola™

Wear Loss of  Exfola™

The wear resistance of injection molded polypropylene disks showed dramatic improvement with the addition of Exfola™. The results indicate Exfola™ can demonstrate improve wear resistance in syringe and spray pump applications.

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