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EXCEREX™ Olefin Oligomer Characteristics & Properties


What is the mechanism by which EXCEREX™ improves the extrusion process?

Because EXCEREX is a polyolefin with a low molecular weight and low melting point, when dry-blended with your extrusion resin it melts faster in the extrusion chamber. Due to its low surface tension, the EXCEREX flows and covers the surface of the pellets of your resin. This thin EXCEREX coating acts as a lubricant and reduces the friction between the pellets and screws, between the pellets and the chamber and between the pellets themselves.

What are the major benefits of EXCEREX as an extrusion additive?

Due to the lubricity imparted, EXCEREX:

  • Enables higher screw revolution while maintaining torque level resulting in and increase in extrusion volume.
  • Suppresses abnormal heat generation within the extruder thereby reducing defective product from scorching and die build-up.
  • Reduces color change time, the amount of disposed resin due to dead zone and improves color change over because of its excellent wetness in terms of pigment and filler surface.

Processing and Quality Improvement


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Performance on PP sheet



—> Increased output is over 30%
—>Decreased motor torque by 20%


Performance on HDPE Blown film




—> Output is increased by 16%
—> Does not affect film properties
—> Does not affect heat sealing and printability


Performance on PP Blow Molding



—> Processability is improved by 13%


Performance on HDPE Injection Molding



—> Processability is improved by 6%


Grades of EXCEREX

  • EXCEREX is available in 3 grades with a wide range of properties. Simply chose the grade that has the best compatibility for your resin and get improved results without affecting the properties of your molded products.



No adverse effects from EXCEREX

  • With a low treat rate of 1 to 3% EXCEREX there is essentially no impact on the finished product properties.
  • Given that EXCEREX contains very little extremely low molecular weight components there are no negative surface effects due to bleed out. Thus adhesiveness or paint ability are unchanged and there is no whitening nor haze.

Less Deterioration to Products



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Mechanical Strength








Heat Seal Strength







—> Does not affect lamination


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