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EXCEREX™ Olefin Oligomer

EXCEREX™ is a high performance polymer processing aid. It is an innovative olefin oligomer, with a narrow molecular weight distribution, manufactured with Mitsui Chemical's leading edge metallocene catalysis technology. EXCEREX Olefin Oligomer acts to reduce torque in the extruder and thereby allows for an increase in screw speed and simultaneously permits operating at a lower barrel temperature. The end result is increased output, reduced heat defects (scorching) and shortened cooling cycles while maintaining finished product properties. All of this is achieved with only a small amount of EXCEREX added as a dry blend to your resin feed.




EXCEREX™ Olefin Oligomer Mv: Under 10,000

(Non-sticky solid at normal conditions)


The use of conventional polymer processing aids with low molecular weight components can cause stickiness due to their tendency to bleed out and thus contaminate the surface of molded products. EXCEREX solves these problems. Click here to view our grade offerings. Click here to view our grade offerings.




To learn more about EXCEREX™ Olefin Oligomer, please choose from the Audio presentation version below.


There are many benefits to using EXCEREX Olefin Oligomer as a processing aid. If there is a related application that you would like to consider EXCEREX for, please contact the product manager.



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