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DMI 1,3 Dimethyl-2-Imidazolidinone

DMI, a high purity aprotic solvent, is composed of nitrogen containing five membered ring compound and widely recognized as an epoch making solvent. It is a colorless, transparent, high polar solvent with high thermal and chemical stability and non-corrosiveness. The material has a high boiling point of 222° C, a high flash point of 120° C (open method) / 95° C (close method), and a low melting point of 7.5° C.



DMI can be used in a variety of applications including detergents, dyestuffs, electronic materials and in the manufacture of polymers. Its versatility can be attributed to it. Of particular note are its excellent solubility for inorganic and organic compounds and high dielectric constant and solvation effect. DMI is also known as 1,3 Dimethyl-2-Imidazolidinone or by CAS number 80-73-9.