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DMI 1,3 Dimethyl-2-Imidazolidinone Applications

Reaction Solvent

As DMI is thermally and chemically stable, its dissolving power for organic and inorganic compounds in addition to its accelerating effect as an aprotic polar solvent, makes it an exceptionally effective reaction solvent. By applying DMI, reaction products of high purity can be obtained in a short time at a higher yield.

It is effective for various nucleophilic substitution reactions such as the synthesis of phenylether derivatives, amino compounds and fluorobenzene derivatives as illustrated below. Its high dielectric constant and solvation effect accelerate anionic nucleophilic reaction through solvation of cations. These synthesis products are used as intermediates in agrochemicals, medicines, dyestuffs and monomers of high performance resins.


DMI is uniquely suited for the manufacture of heat resistant thermoplastics and can be effectively used as a solvent for synthesis of various polymers and a cleaning agent for polymerization and molding equipment. In the production of polyamides and polyimides, DMI accelerates the formation of amide and imide groups to produce high molecular weight polymers. In the production of polyphenylenesulfides, products containing smaller amounts of organic impurities are acquired in electric materials. In the production of polyethersulfones, DMI controls side reactions to produce polymers of high quality. In the formation of polyimide and polysulfone films and the stretching of polyetherketone film, treatment of DMI makes films more uniform.


By adding DMI to a mixture of surfaceactive agents, alkalines, alcohols, and polyoxyethylenealkylethers, an effective detergent can be obtained. It also makes an effective cleaning solution for glass and metal since it dissolves dirt easily.

Dyestuffs and Pigments

Higher contrast, clear printed images can be obtained by adding DMI as an ink solvent with dyestuffs and pigments.

Electric Materials

Due to its low viscosity and high dielectric constancy, DMI can be used as a solvent for electrolytic solutions of non-aqueous batteries. In addition, it can be used as a stripper for photo-resist, and unlike conventional strippers, does not involve a series of complicated processes because of water insolubility or a resulting adverse impact on the environment.

Surface Treatment Agent

To increase adhesive strength of epoxy resin adhesives, a DMI solution of SDN (polyaryl complex of sodium, potassium or lithium), is used for surface treatment of TEFLON® (polytetrafluoroethylene).

Petroleum Products

DMI has a high boiling point, high thermal stability and doesn't produce azeotrope, therefore it can be used commercially as a solvent in processes such as liquid-liquid extraction, counter current distribution, extractive distillation and counter current washing process.

Since DMI dissolves aromatic compounds, unsaturated hydrocarbons, and does not dissolve paraffin hydrocarbons, it is the best extractant of BTX.