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Dinotefuran Characteristics

High Systemicity

  • Readily absorbed and translocated into plants.
  • Can be applied on foliage, soil, nursery boxes and paddy water by spray, drench, broadcast and planting hole application with various types of formulations.


Translaminar Action

  • Dinotefuran has a translaminar action to exhibit insecticidal efficacy on abaxial surface of leaf when applied at adaxial side.


Low Resurgence Possibility

  • Since Dinotefuran has almost no efficacy on predatory mite, resurgence probability is very low.


Broad Spectrum

Effective on:

  • Sucking insects such as aphids, plant bugs, leafhoppers and mealybugs.
  • Coleoptera species such as weevil, Colorado potato beetle and flea beetle.
  • Diptera species such as leafminer fly.
  • Certain Lepidoptera species such as fruit moths and leafminers.
  • Other species such as thrips, grasshoppers and fire ants.


Rain Fastness

Dinotefuran can work well even after rainfall at 3 hours after application.


Residual Efficacy

Dinotefuran can protect crops from insects for a long period thanks to its excellent activity, high systemicity and proper stability in the environment.


Low Toxicity

Toxicity against mammalian, birds, and aquatic organism species is very low.

Low Phytotoxicity

No phytotoxicity has been reported at the recommended dosage.

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