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CHEMIPEARL™ Polyolefin-based Aqueous Dispersion Characteristics

Anti-blocking and Heat Sealing Agent CHEMIPEARL™

The heat sealing agent’s unique structure delivers excellent heat sealing and anti-blocking characteristics.

Aqueous Dispersion

CHEMIPEARL™ is a type of aqueous dispersion which is produced without using an emulsifying agent or organic solvent making the water based additive environmentally friendly with good waterproof ability.

Sperical Particles with Narrow Particle Size Distribution

Since CHEMIPEARL consists of spherical particles with narrow particle size distribution, it exhibits excellent rub-off resistance, and heat sealing, slip and anti-blocking properties.

Good Application Properties

The heat sealing agent CHEMIPEARL can be applied on paper, aluminum foil and plastics film by spray coating as well as gravure coating.

Characteristic Properties of Polyolefins Remain Intact

CHEMIPEARL offers polyolefins’ characteristic features such as excellent mechanical properties, water and chemical resistance. When baked after application, it becomes a non-directional, odorless film with outstanding heat-sealing properties.

Hygenic Qualities for Food Contact

Anti-blocking agent CHEMIPEARL complies with the requirements set forth in Notification No. 20 of the Ministry of Health and Welfare in Japan.


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