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CHEMIPEARL™ Polyolefin-based Aqueous Dispersion Applications

Anti-blocking and Heat Sealing Agent CHEMIPEARL™

There are numerous applications that CHEMIPEARL™ can be used in.

Heat Seal Food Packaging
Heat seal agent for paper, film and aluminum foil in packaging chocolate and confectionary.

Heat-sealing Adhesives for Metal, Paper and Film



Typical Procedure for Evaluation as Heat-sealing Agent



Paper/Paper Heat Sealing Properties



Al/Al Heat Sealing Properties



Improve Slip Properties
The anti-blocking agent is a good slip improver for film, thermal paper and cigarette packaging

Anti-blocking Agent

CHEMIPEARL™ V Application for Anti-blocking Agents



Modification of Emulsions
Emulsion modifier for improvement of heat resistance and blocking resistance

Additive for Coating Materials
The water based additive can be used for Wood and Furniture Coatings.


Procedure for Abrasion Test for Wood Coatings

       Urethane Dispersion (Olester UD500) : 100 parts CHEMIPEARL™ 5 parts
       Birch Plywood (100 mm × 100 mm × 5.5 mm)
Thickness of Coatings
       100 μm (Dry)
Dry Condition
       23° C (Celsius) ; 50 % (Humidity) ; More than 10 days
Abrasion Test
       Weight 530 g × 2; Wearaser: CS-10; Rotation number: 1000 cycles




Abrasion Test for Wood Coatings



Binder for Recording Charts and Film

Glass Fiber Bundling Agent and Glass Surface Treatment Agent


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