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APEL™ Cyclo Olefin Copolymer (COC) Applications

There are numerous applications for APEL™ in the optical, film and packaging areas.


APEL has strong optical properties relative to other commercial resins and can be used in:

  • Camera lenses (digital cameras and mobile phones)
  • Lens for sensor
  • f θ lens for laser printer
  • Pick-up lens for DVD player, recorder and SACD player
  • Optical film


Packaging and multilayer barrier films produced with APEL Cyclo Olefin Copolymer should exhibit improved moisture and thermal resistance. Current and potential applications include:

  • Pharmaceutical Packaging
    • PTP Sheet (Blister Packaging)
    • Shrink caps (Film type)
    • Stand up pouches
  • Food Packaging and Containers
    • Easy cut film (Instant coffee small stick packaging film)
    • Shrink film and label
    • Kitchenware such as coffee maker cover
    • Multilayer packaging
  • Extrusion Coated Packaging


*There are some grades conforming to the FDA regulations.
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