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Etofenprox Biological Activity


  1. Etofenprox has a high insecticidal activity and provides very quick killing action against various insect pests including Lepodoptera, Hemiptera, Coleoptera and Orthoptera.
  2. Etofenprox has low toxicity to certain spiders, one of the important natural enemies in the rice field, and it is also harmless to honeybees in normal conditions outdoors.
  3. Etofenprox is a most effective insecticide when used against organophosphate resistant and carbamate resistant insect pests.
  4. Treatment with Etofenprox effectivity eliminates brown planthoppers and prevents their resurgence.
  5. Etofenprox has a high insecticidal activity against animal and public health insect pests.
  6. Etofenprox complies with the European law 78/92 which enforces the reduction of impact of pesticides on the environment.
  7. Short PHI of Etofenprox makes it possible to harvest the crops only several days after the treatment.


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