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LUCANT™ Hydrocarbon Based Synthetic Oil

LUCANT™, a hydrocarbon-based synthetic oil having no polar groups, is a co-oligomer of ethylene and -olefin. The material boasts excellent resistance to heat and cold and low dependence of viscosity on temperature.

LUCANT™ Hydrocarbon Based Synthetic Oil Characteristics

LUCANT™ has a number of distinctive characteristics due to its unique composition.

  • Non-volatile, colorless and transparent
  • Excellent viscosity-temperature properties
  • Low dependence of viscosity on temperature
  • Excellent heat and oxidation stability
  • Low pour point
  • High flash and fire points
  • Chemically stable, thus causing little or no metallic corrosion


LUCANT™ Differentiated and Unique Viscosity Modifier for Lubricant

LUCANT™ is a differentiated and unique viscosity modifier and synthetic base oil. It offers high shear stability, high Viscosity Index and an increased film thickness in gear oils and greases when compared to competitive products such as high viscosity PAO and PMA.


LUCANT™ Other Applications

LUCANT™ can be used as an enhancing agent in applications where a stable material with excellent temperature resistance and viscosity-temperature properties is vital. 

  • Rubber and Elastomers: A unique Flexibilizer (plasticizer) to give additional value especially to EPDM and TPS compound for dampers, convey belt and etc.
    View: Lucant for flexibilizer
  • Resins: Softening, process agent, and modifier of tribological properties (low friction coefficient and good abrasion resistance).
  • Other: Pressure-sensitive adhesive, bonding agents, coating materials, ink, heat medium and special solutions.

If there is a related application that you would like to consider Lucant Hydrocarbon Based Synthetic Oil for, please contact the product manager to discuss the details.



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